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Established in 1979, Salloum Brothers Company introduced the ?rst pro-fessional auto service station specialized for Mercedes Benz in the Bekaa valley. With a fast paced growth rate, Salloum became a brand name that took the auto service market to a higher level, pushing com- petitors to follow the same pace, which simply gave them the upper edge


at this segment. In 1991, and after ensuring strong presence in the market, Salloum Bro Co established the Auto Parts dealership as a needed step to expand the business and serve their clients in a more consistent and more focused manner ensuring that all needed material for the business are available in-house. This strategy again gave Salloum the upper edge in this niche market segment and took Salloum to a farther level away from the competition. Again with a needed strategy to expand the business to include other elements that will support the other market segments Salloum serves, an exclusive deal with continental tires was acquired in 2000 and a separate workshop offering tire services for Salloum customers was established. In 2008, the peak idea that made Salloum Co a full ?edge Auto Service company was implemented with the introduction of HULK OIL. A high end product with a German formulation made with the highest global quality levels, and following the best in Oil development technologies available today.


Salloum grew steadily from a vision of focused Mercedes - Benz service station to a full ?edge auto  service company through their workshop, auto parts retail segment, tires workshop, and Oil Fletail segment, while grasping the 4 pillars that de?nes Salloum Bro Co: Trust, Transparent, Quality, and Safety.



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