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While striving in all ways to serve their clients within the best possible boundaries, Salloum introduced a high - quality Gasoline and Diesel Oil product with the best quality this segment has to offer to ensure a steady and strong foot - print is established in this market segment. With a full product range both for Gasoline powered engines and Diesel powered engines, Hulk Oil, and within a small time frame, proved itself to be state of the art quality oil competing with well established brand names in the market. To ensure consistency in quality, Salloum acquires periodic tests for all the range within the Hulk Oil family in reputable test labs and through con- stant follow - up with their client base. Quality Vs Price, Flange, ISO 9001 Certi?ed, LUKAS Certi?ed, European Base, German Formulation, are only few aspects that makes HULK Oil the brand it came to be in 2 years time.








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