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Salloum Bro Co is a full fledge Auto-Service company serving the Mercedes Benz Market Niche. Salloum worked hard to become the leading organization within this segment of the market giving the company the absolute advantage over its competition. Salloum monitors closely the fast paced shift in the auto – service segment and insures up – to – date introductions in all fields simply to ensure safety and professionalism in all aspects of their services and throughout the vast range of services offered. Salloum only offers quality services with guaranteed Mercedes Benz parts and up-to-date mechanics to service the latest cars available in the market, keeping in mind the Quality Vs Price code that Salloum strongly focuses on. Within 30 years,Salloum proudly acquired brands such as Bosch, Mercedes Benz, Continental, Hulk, Michelin, Millers Oils, FAAM, Denckermann, Hulk Oil these among other brands within different segments.